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Friday, January 27, 2012

Gay Marriage

From my perspective, opposing gay marriage is the fundamental Republican Party line.  I realize Republicans stand for smaller government, but Newt seems to suggest otherwise ... in other words "Act like my Bible says you should, and then I'll leave you alone."  Because if your homosexual, you're clearly a pagan.


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  2. I realized my first comment might have come off the wrong way. I completely support gay marriage. But I also know Pagans and I just think it's rude of this guy to say that an uprising of Paganism is a bad thing.

  3. I missed your first comment, so I don't know if it came off the wrong way. I think the implication that anything besides Christianity is wrong is a rotten thing to say. The Christians claim exclusive truth, so do the Muslims and Hindus, and the athiests. Whose to say who is right or wrong, and why oh why are we legislating on such shaky ground to begin with?

    I haven't met any Pagans, but as a Buddhist, I know what it's like to be picked on - Buddhism always gets listed with "hethan" religions.

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